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Large capacity electrolytic filter capacitor + high frequency monolithic capacitor filter, so that the output DC more clean and stable, with power indicator, easy to observe the state.
Input voltage: AC dual 5-18V, DC dual 7-24v
Output voltage: ± 12V 
Output current: 1.5A x 2
Circuit size: 62 x 33 x 25mm( LxWxH )


To obtain sufficient DC voltage, the input AC must be equal to or higher than the output DC voltage. For example, if you want to output + 12V double DC, then the transformer should choose two 12V or higher than double 12V.
When exporting double voltage, be sure to input positive and negative double voltage.
Package Included:

5 x DIY Dual Voltage Regulator Rectifier Bridge Power Supply Module Kit

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