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This is a Ring shield with 12 ws2812b RGB LEDs. It also integrated battery charging system.
It could charge 18650 battery or Li-battery independently.
I provide 18650 battery holder and Li-battery holder together.
The charging current could reach 2A.
- There is 1 indicate LED in the middle of the board could show charging status.
- For indicate LED blink means charging, no blink means full.
- There are also 3 buttons connect with D5,D6,D7
- You can use this button do some interesting projects like ESP8266 Deauther.
- Click power button 1 time will start providing power.
- Fast click power button 2 times will turn off.
1. If you decide using 18650 battery you must put right direction of battery follow the "+"and"-" on the board.
2. If you put wrong direction of battery charging chip will be destroyed.
3. This product does not include any control boards or battery.
    This product only include shield and battery holder.
4. This shield will be compatible with D-duino V5,D-duino-B V5, NodeMCU-07 V2,D-duino-32 V3
Package Included:
1 x DSTIKE Ring Shield D-Duino Series RGB LED Expansion Board
1 x 18650 battery holder

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