10pcs DC 5V Touch Delay Light Electronic Touch LED Board Light For DIY
Product DescriptionSpecification: Working voltage: 5V.Standby current: ≤ 1mA.Working cu..
10pcs DIY 12V Automatic Watering Module Kit Soil Moisture Sensor With Time Delay
Product DescriptionParameter: Working voltage: 12VInput current: greater than 100maMotherb..
10pcs DIY 3-Tube Wireless Microphone Kit Wireless Microphone Module Electronic Manufacture Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: This suite converts sound signals into radio signals, and ..
10pcs DIY Analog Electronic Candle Production Kit Ignition Control Simulation Candle Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: CD4013 is a dual D flip-flop consisting of two identical a..
10pcs DIY Digital Electronic NE555 Multi-wave Signal Generator DIY Kit Electronic Components Parts
Product DescriptionDescription: NE555 circuit and peripheral components constitute a multi..
10pcs DIY Double LM7805 Diffuser Regulator Module Kit 5V 3A Solar Energy Regulator Generator Module
Product DescriptionFeatures:Using two imported 7805 three-terminal voltage regulator chips, the..
10pcs DIY Dry Battery Powered Tesla Coil Kit Mini Tesla Module Kit
Product DescriptionDescription:The newly developed primary coil of this product is already in t..
10pcs DIY Electronic Clapping Voice Control Switch Module Kit Induction Training DIY Production Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: Work effect: clap hands, LED light, and then clap out, so ..
10pcs DIY High Fidelity Deaf Hearing Aids Audio Amplifier Kit Digital Amplifier Board Module
Product DescriptionDescription: Hearing aids are a kind of sound enhancement products to h..
10pcs DIY LED Flash Kit Colorful Acoustic Rotating LED Lamp Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: PCB size: diameter 50mmPCB Material: single sided 1.4mm FR..
10pcs DIY LM358 DC Motor Speed Controller Kit DC Motor Speed Module Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: This module uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to control t..
10pcs DIY LM7812+LM7912 Dual Voltage Regulator Rectifier Bridge Power Supply Module 12V Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: Large capacity electrolytic filter capacitor + high freque..
10pcs DIY Multi Harmonic Oscillator Scintillator Module DIY Electronic Bistable Starter Kits
Product DescriptionDescription: Working voltage: DC2V – 15VBoard size: 23 x 27mmThe ..
10pcs DIY NE555 Ding Dong Bell Doorbell Module Kit DIY Music DIY Electronic Production Training Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: The kit is a circuit for a bell that can make "ding, ..
10pcs DIY OTL Discrete Component Power Amplifier Kit Electronic Production Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: Q1 is an excitation amplifier, which gives enough driving ..
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